Open bottom hip protector pants to hold hip pads

Suprima Hip Protector Groin Cut-Out Pants ONLY


Hip protector groin cut-out pants with clip button closure are ideal for highly incontinent wearer or for those who are at risk of falling while removing pants when toileting. This item is pants ONLY and does not come with the protective shields.

  • Groin cut-out pants do not need to be removed for toileting.

Read more about hip protectors here.

How to Measure: Circumferential measurement at hip bone level, ensuring the measuring tape is perpendicular to the body. Measure over incontinence products if applicable
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Product Description

Groin cut out pants. Ideal for wearers with dementia who may want to remove the shields from the pants. Its high quality manufacturing means Suprima Hip Protectors are arguably the most durable hip protector on the market. Suprima prides itself on producing durable, functional and effective products. Manufactured at their in-house facility in Germany to ensure the highest level of quality, all products have been successfully trialled and tested in Europe’s competitive healthcare market.

Size (Hip circumference): Small (up to 92cm) | Medium (93 to 100cm) | Large (101 to 108cm) | Extra Large (109 to 117cm) | Extra Extra Large (118 to 150cm)

Clip buttons for quick and easy removal, Machine wash to 60°C, Super elastic material, Precise positioning of hip protector shields, Tumble dry safe, Unisex
Material: 90% Cotton, 10% Elastane


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Small (up to 92cm), Medium (93 to 100cm), Large (101 to 108cm), Extra Large (109 to 117cm), Extra Extra Large (118 to 150cm)