Protect-A-Limb (Pair)


Protect a Limb ® serves as an additional barrier to protect frail and sensitive skin from tear and damage. The knit is thick enought to protect the skin yet Coolmax technology ensures maximum breathability and temperature control. It's light elastic properties allows for an intimate and discreet fit without it being too tight on the limb.
Small: Circumference: 18cm – 25cm, Length: 40cm. Use: Arm and small leg
Medium: Circumference: 25cm – 40cm, Length: 50cm. Use: Arm & average lower leg
Large: Circumference: 32 – 44cm, Length: 60cm. Use: Full leg

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Product Description

• Light & Comfortable
• Cool in summer / warm in winter
• Quick and easy to apply
• Cost effective
Coolmax features:
• Dries faster than other fibers
• Aids in patient comfort
• Wicks away moisture and prevents maceration
• Easy to clean – can be washed as easily as a pair of socks
• Finished to prevent fraying
Care instructions:
Short machine wash on medium cycle. May be tumble dried warm. Socks should be washed after each wear to maintain it’s shape.

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