Lupin Hand Mitt


Fantastic relief for arthritis and rheumatoid pain, and general circulation. A well presented, segmented lupin heat bags can be warmed in the microwave to ease arthritic pain & soothe muscular aches. The segmentation helps to keep the lupins static for maximum targeted relief.
The all natural alternative to relieve aches and pains. 100% Natural Lupin Heat Pack. Quick microwave for easy heating. Lupin heat bag – Suitable for all parts of the body. Freeze and use as a cold pack. Odour and allergy free. 30% lighter than wheat heat bags. Made from Australian lupins. Not treated with chemicals or fungicides. Heat is Longer lasting that traditional wheat bags.


Additional Information

Product Description

Cover: 100% cotton
Inner: 100% Australian grown lupin
Weight: 1kg
Universal size