Leg Spacer


Relieves low back strain by properly aligning knees and hips when resting in bed.
Convenient and comfortable positioning aid that encourages the natural alignment of the pelvis and spine when resting or sleeping. Inhibits spinal twisting during sleep, encourages better circulation. Ideal for those recovering from hip surgery. Strap adjustment helps secure Leg Spacer for a custom fit.
Made from pressure-diffusing Memory foam with a moisture-resistant (hospital grade) Steri-Plus cover.

Additional Information

Product Description

Height: 9cm and 10.5cm
Width: 29.5cm
Depth: 21cm
Inner: 100% Visco Elastic Memory foam.
Steri-Plus cover: is a moisture and bacteria-resistant cover made from a special polyurethane ply (film) bonded to woven polyester fabric.