Hernia Truss


The Hernia Truss provides support and compression to assist in the treatment of inguinal hernias and other medically diagnosed groin discomfort issues. The belt features flexible front pads which promote comfort and may assist in relieving pain associated with coughing, standing or sitting. Hernia belts are commonly utilised to apply pressure on the hernia and prevent it from popping out. The Truss comes with left and right support pads which can be removed for one sided support.
How to measure: Measure hip circumference.

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Size: Small (76 to 89cm) | Medium (89 to 104cm) | Large (104 to 117cm) | Extra Large (117 to 132cm)

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Small (76 to 89cm), Medium (89 to 104cm), Large (104 to 117cm), Extra Large (117 to 132cm)