Elastic Knee 4-Way


The Elastic Knee Support with 4-Way stretch material provides even compression proprioception to support and protect weak and injured knees. The support contours to the body to reduce the chance of bunching. Universal design means you can wear the brace on either knee and unlike thermal supports, it can be worn immediately after an acute injury in accordance with the R.I.C.E method (rest, ice, compression, elevation). The 4-Way Stretch Knee support can also be worn during increased physical activity such as running.
How to measure: Measure leg circumference underneath the patella (knee cap) with knee slightly bent.

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Size: Small (30 to 34cm) | Medium (34 to 38cm) | Large (38 to 42cm) | Extra Large (39.5 to 41cm) | Extra Extra Large (42 to 46cm)

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Small (30 to 34cm), Medium (34 to 38cm), Large (38 to 42cm), Extra Large (39.5 to 41cm), Extra Extra Large (42 to 46cm)