Duostrap Back Brace


The Duostrap helps alleviate lower back pain by exerting abdominal compression, works as a postural reminder via proprioceptive effect, provides stabilisation and controlled mobilisation and compensates for abdominal weakness. It is most suitable for people who require mild support and live a relatively sedentary lifestyle.
The Duostrap Back Brace offers strong compressive elastic material for enhanced abdominal and dorsal support. High waist design increases overall abdominal hold. Double Bilateral straps to adjust compression level. Four strong elasticised straps apply even compression to the core to relieve pain and promote recovery. XXL Size available.
How to measure: Measure waist circumference.

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Size: Extra Small (56 to 68cm) | Small (68 to 82cm) | Medium (82 to 98cm) | Large (98 to 116cm) | Extra Large (116 to 136cm) | Extra Extra Large (136 to 156cm)

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Extra Small (56 to 68cm), Small (68 to 82cm), Medium (82 to 98cm), Large (98 to 116cm), Extra Large (116 to 136cm), Extra Extra Large (136 to 156cm)